This VR Surgery Demo was very realistic.

Like many people, I’m not great with needles. Just looking at them sends a shiver coursing through my body, and I find myself instinctively backing away. Once you’ve had your first injection, that thin, precise pinpoint of pain sticks in your mind and it’s hard to forget. It was with

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Virtual Reality Helps Women in Labor

Towards the end of last year the British newspaper The Guardian published an article about how virtual reality could help women in labor deal with the excruciating pain associated with childbirth, and possibly even reduce the need for medication and unnecessary Cesarean sections. While this approach is unusual and unique

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VR can ease the anxiety of passing on.

Passing on is something that every single one of us will have to face at some point. It’s perfectly natural to worry about passing on, but a team of scientists from Barcelona University think they might have found a way to actually mitigate that fear, and it starts with virtual reality.

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