Gaspar Ferreiro is a Banker, Gamer, VR Developer, Educator and Youth Empowerment.

Gaspar developed a passion for gaming when he was 6 years old, and his cousin took him to the local arcade. He had never seen a video game machine before, and was instantly captivated by the moving TV images you could control with a stick. That was the moment when it dawned on him that he had found his passion. Throughout his quest for the perfect gaming experience, he has retrofitted his PC with 3 monitors, a simulator chair, force feedback steering wheel and flight stick. The last addition to his repertoire was an oculus DK1. This was the device that transformed Gaspar from being a gamer, into being a Virtual Reality Developer.

The DK1 included a free license for Unity Professional edition. Gaspar figured, “Hey, since it’s free, let’s see what this Unity thing is all about. Before he know it, he was teaching himself how to make VR Games. Soon, he had his first app at Oculus share “VR Boat Adventures”, followed later with “Islands in the Sky” (for Oculus Mobile Jam), and its evolution into “Islands In the Sky V2”, which won first place at the 2015 Global Archiact Deluxe VR Game Jam. Gaspar is now working on Project Ghost Studios, his new game development studio and his new VR game experience named Project Ghost.

In his free time, Gaspar also teaches kids how to develop simple VR games with Unity. He does this at The GAME DESIGN AND VIRTUAL REALITY EDUCATION PROGRAM which started in Atlanta, but has expanded into Florida. With the support of companies like the Center for Social Change and Tiger Direct, Gaspar secured the equipment and donations to build a complete computer Lab for an inner city school. Though this program mentors are also be provided for the students that want to learn video game design and virtual reality at no cost to the students in hopes of empowering young minds, providing them with the tools that can allow them to get into better schools, or make their own games. Gaspar’s teaching mantra is: “If I can do this (make games), then anyone can do this!”

Finally Gaspar is also very dedicated to Virtual Relief. His contributions to this organizations is invaluable.